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Shanghai Boom Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in packing machinery and aluminum plastic composite tube. Our main products include composite tube production line, plastic tube making machine, vacuum emulsifying unguent machine, vacuum homogenizer, automatic bag filling line, all kinds of packing machine, labeling machine and water treatment equipment. Besides, we also provide aluminum plastic composite tubes. The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industry. Besides domestic market, our products are also exported to many other countries like the United States, Japan, Korea, Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Our products share good reputation among the users. We are recruiting international agents. If you meet the following conditions, please feel free to contact us.

Japanese customers testing the machine

1. Application Requirements
(1) Company with legal registration, management and good business reputation and economic strength or a person who familiar with the product sales market.
(2) Be familiar with pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industry.
(3) People who in management of the company’s products will be in preference.
(4) Strong marketing ability and mature sales channels.
(5) Having the ability to provide technical support such as installation guidance, commissioning and training to customers. (Our company also provides that service)
(6) Please provide copy of Business License and copy of ID card of legal representative.
(7) Please provide legal identification documents.

Indian customer Ajay in the factory

2. Cooperation Mode
We adopt cooperation mode authorized by the acting country, that is, agents at all levels manage the local market directly. Our company adopts two kinds of proxy forms by considering market demand and conditions of agents.
(1). A-level agents: We authorize one qualified agent for each country and the leadership right is only limited to capital of the state. Besides, excellent secondary agents can be promoted to A-level agent.
(2). Secondary agents: We authorize one or two qualified agents for provincial capital or state.

Indian customers testing the machine

3. Sales Policy Supports
(1). We introduce market regional protection measures in order to fully guarantee the interests of agents at all levels.
(2). Agents at each country are conformed to the same policy, same management and same price.
(3). We provide comprehensive human and technical support, comprehensive training and perfect after-sale service for improving customer satisfaction.
(4). We formulate perfect work coordination between regional leaders and agents to ensure timely products delivery and quality.
(5). We will continue to develop and improve the products guided by market demand.
(6). We provide consulting hotline for solving the problems of customers and agents.

4. Successful Cases
(1). Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
(2). Sapphire Extrupack Pvt. Ltd.

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