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    1. Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube
      This aluminum plastic laminated tube we supply is made from our high stand composite tube production line which also manufactured by us. Aluminum plastic laminated tube produced by us is clean but innocuous with good property of tightness. This...
    1. Plastic Laminated Tube
      Plastic laminated tube adopts plastic material which adds multi-layer extruder with blocking agent EVOH. The plastic laminated tube produced by our company has many advantages, such as it is non-poisonous, tasteless, and clean with good ...
    1. Plastic Tube
      We have an independent manufacturing production line to produce the plastic tube. At the same time, we offer our consumers to choose all kinds of plastic tube diameter from 16mm to 50mm. Because of good quality of our product, we have ...
    1. Aluminum Tube
      Boom company offer all kinds of specification of tubes, diameter from 8mm-40mm. The length of the body and neck can be designed in accordance to clients needs.
      The mouth of tube: you can choose what you want, thin roof and ...
    1. Automatic Laminated Tube Making Machine
      The B•GLS-III automatic laminated tube making machine is the second generation of product researched and developed by our company. We learn the advanced the technologies from home and abroad. B•GLS-III automatic laminated tube making machine...
    1. Automatic Shoulder Injecting Machine
      The B•ZT-III automatic shoulder-injecting machine is professional in shoulder injection which is researched and developed by our company. This kind of machine is driven by servo-motor, and controlled by PLC of large-scale through a people-machine ...
    1. Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube Machine
      The B•GLS-II aluminum-plastic laminated tube machine is based on our first generation machine tube. With integrating with mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies, it becomes the completed the production line....
    1. Injection Molding Machine
      The plastic injection molding machine B•SJ, which is also called injection molder, is equipped with high responsive proportional variable pump system. This machine replaces the traditional 3-way proportional valve control mode. This machine have high ...
    1. B•ZT-II Plastic Injection Forming Machine
      1. The plastic injection forming machine B•ZT-II is high work efficiency because of double-mould alternative forming ways.
      2. This machine can pre-mold on screw with material-input in a fixed quantity at a ....
    1. B•ZSN-II Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
      The B•ZSN-II plastic injection moulding machine uses the double-mould alternative forming way which learns from foreign technologies. Based on our second generation, this machine has the high productivity. Besides, two workers are needed to press ...
    1. Tube Holing Sealing Capping Machine
      Tube holing sealing capping (screwing) machine B•ZFG-Ⅱ is used to open the hole in the head of plastic aluminum-plastic laminated tube and then seal the hole with aluminum foil, at last, cap the tube. As an ideal machine for manufacturing plants, it has...