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    1. Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine
      The B•LF-I aluminum foil sealing machine can be suitable to all kinds specification sealing of composite laminated tube. With the feature of quick and firm sealing, this sealing machine has more advantages, such as, beautiful appearance, time and labor saving...
    1. Plastic Crusher
      Standard plastic crusher is used to comminute plastic reclaiming material of plastic trade. With hardness tool steel, razor blade does good heat treatment to get a good comminuting effect. Filtrating by sieve enables the commuting particles meet the ...
    1. Multi Color Rotary Letterpress
      There B.YS-P multi color rotary letterpress can print in two links within one printing process. Because of small size, this machine can save the electricity. Using precise rotary drum can ensure the precise printing. We use UV letterpress or flexo varnish as inks, ...
    1. Ice Water Machine
      This ice water machine consists of machine frame, water tank, refrigeration compressor, radiator, fan, water pump and control system. It is used for some heating equipment which needs cooling water to refrigerate so that refrigeration effect can be ...
    1. Soft Tube Extruder
      1. Compact structure guarantees the contact with water without rustiness; at the same time, shaping drawing cutting are sharing same integrated steel frame.
      2. Single and double layer soft tube extruder adopts Japanese ...
    1. Multi-layer Extruder and Cutting Machine
      We combine several kinds of material in co-extrusion system. So co-extrusion tube has its unique features:
      Multi-layer extruder cutting machine use EVOH/RESIN/PE as glossy surface...
    1. Six Color Rotating Printer
      This six-color rotary printer B•YS-6 is a printing machine that is suitable to use paint 1-6 color(s) and dying tubes.
      Features of Six Color Rotary Printer: ...
    1. Capping Machine
      The capping machine B.XG-Ⅰwhich is also named bottle capper B.XG-Ⅰ, is suitable to cap soft tubes, like laminated tubes, plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. The big advantage of this machine is that it can save manpower and increase productivity. Highly ...
    1. Hot Stamping Machine
      This B•T-168S hot stamping machine, which is also called hot stamper B•T-168S, is a pneumatic flat machine with cylindrical shape. This hot stamper is controlled by micro-processor and is driven by pneumatic units....
    1. Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer
      1. This B•SM-25S type pneumatic cylindrical screen printer is also called pneumatic screen printing machine. Each function is controlled by microprocessor with easy operation and high automatic....
    1. Flame Treatment Machine
      1. When you press the button, the flame nozzle will be ignited automatically with electron ignition.
      2. The cone speed and convey speed are controlled by two speed adjusting motors; the...