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    1. Vacuum Paste Machine
      Our Zg Vacuum paste machine is a kind of equipment that is used to make Paste materials things, such as: toothpaste, paste food, paste chemistry products. It is widely used in toothpaste and food industry as well as chemistry industries. This kind of machinery is ...
    1. Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine
      This vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine is a kind of normally used package machinery. The vacuum homogenizing machine, which is also called vacuum homogenizer, and vacuum homogenisers in England, is special equipment for Cosmetics, ...
    1. Shampoo Production Line
      The shampoo production line includes shampoo vessel, mixing Vessel, dosage barrel, operation plat form, control cabinet and reliant parts, such as filters, pipes, and valves. It is made and installed severely based on the industrial standard. We have relevant ...
    1. Powdery Blender
      Our J.FL powdery blender is a kind of packaging machinery used to blend materials like small grains, chemicals, pharmacy powders and so on. The machine is suitable for the food and package industries, such as chemical products, pharmacy products, and electronics ...
    1. Stainless Steel Products
      Various kinds of stainless steel kitchenware are available in our Company, such as basin, cook table, dolly, tank, cart and plate used in hotel, eatery, and hospital, and on train and passenger liner etc. In the meanwhile, we can offer Stainless steel containers of chemistry ...
    1. B•GFN-100 Filling Sealing Machine
      This filling and sealing machine B•GFN-100 apply To many places, such as: factories, making cosmetic, toothpaste, food and chemical products. It has the Purposes of filling, sealing the tubes, and printing date on the tubes with the Producing ability of filling 60-100 pcs/min. ...
    1. B•GFC -100 Double Color Filling Sealing Machine
      The B•GFC -100 filling and sealing machine is one kind of filling and sealing machine Packing material of two color Paste. It is all researched and developed by our factory. PLC man-machine interface enables this machine many advantages, such as: high ...
    1. B•GF-80 Filling Sealing Machine
      This kind of packaging machinery is widely used for filling and sealing Packing work. It is suitable for the Packing of cosmetic, toothpaste, medicine, as well as food or Chemistry fillings. The toothpaste filling machine is popular for the international market, so ...
    1. B•GF-50 Inner-Heating Filling Sealing Machine
      The B•GF-50 filling and sealing machine is an inner-heating type, with multi-purposes of filling, sealing and date Printing, it is used to package Products in daily chemistry, pharmacy, food and other industries, etc. this kind of machine uses the automatic incubation ...
    1. B•GF-40 Filling Sealing Machine
      The B•GF-40 filling sealing machine is suitable for automatically filling all kinds of fluid to soft plastic tubes and aluminum laminated tube. It can also seal and cut end and print the Date. It can commonly used in daily chemical, pharmaceutics, food, chemical industries, etc. ...
    1. B•F-30 Sealing Machine
      The B•F-30 sealing machine can automatically feed tube, orientate eye marks and is used for filling cream (paste)-like and liquid-like materials into plastic tube or Plastic-aluminium laminated tube and then Sealing them, pressing data or Product numbers on the end of ...