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    1. B•GFN-30 Inner-Heating Filling Sealing Machine
      Inner-heating filling and sealing machine is a multi-function machine. First, it can fill cream-like and liquid-like materials into plastic tube or Plastic-aluminium laminated tube. Second, it can Seal and cut end and press data or Product number on it. So it is widely in ...
    1. B•GFL-80 Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine
      The B•GFL-80 aluminum Tube filling sealing machine is widely used for automatically filling and sealing ends to many products, for example, toothpaste, shoeshine, cosmetic, hose Drug, and so on. Combined with other equipment like automatic packaging unit, this ...
    1. B•GFLZ-30 Aluminum Tube Filling Sealing Machine
      The B•GFLZ-30 aluminum Tube filling sealing machine is used for Sealing aluminum Tube. It has 4 seams. In addition, the sealing end is firm and nice. This equipment will accurately dispense Products that are water-thin to viscous gels, mascaras to lipstick, ...
    1. B.G Pneumatic Filling Machine
      We are good at producing filling and sealing machine to offer good sealing end without any leak. The various types as follows:
      1. B.G-200 Pneumatic Filling Machine...
    1. B•ST-A (B、C、D) Conveyer
      Type A is used for railway/bus stations, docks, post offices and food factory.
      Type B is applied to meat processing factory, food processing factory and chemical factory.
      Type C is commonly used in such industries: daily chemical, medicine, electronic ...
    1. HDZ-100K Ampoule Cartoning Machine
      This HDZ-100K ampoule cartoning machine mainly intended for automatic box packaging of injection in bubble cap board trays or similar to bubble cap boards. The machine can be connected to the front packaging to operate in order to increase use efficiency. It is full ...
    1. HDZ-100G Ointment Cartoning Machine
      This ointment cartoning machine, which is also called ointment cartoner, is a machine to seal and trim film enclosure. The big advantage of this product is that it can accommodate a variety of applications. Every part of this machine is designed for the products ...
    1. B•GX Liquid Filling Capping Following Machine
      This liquid following filling capping machine B•GX-III is liquid followed and with the work of filling, capping, screwing combined as an organic whole. B•GX-III filling and screwing (capping) machine of liquid following is widely suitable to automatically fill and cap the ...
    1. B•GX-P Aerosol Filling Capping Machine
      This aerosol filling screwing machine B•GX-P is specially designed for Spraying agent. It is used to fill and screw round and flat bottles ranging from 5ml to 100ml, especially suitable to fill perfume and mucilage. With integrating of electric and mechanism, this machine ...
    1. B•GSX-I Eye Drop Filling Screwing Machine
      This B•GSX-I filling and screwing machine of eye Drop apply To fill eye Drop into round bottles ranging from 5ml to 15ml which can be made of any material. Combined with inner Cork, outer lid, filling and screwing, they become the completed the Production line with ...
    1. B•ZG Liquid Linear Filling Machine
      This B•ZG liquid liner filling machine is widely used for liquid filling in many industries, such and pharmacy, cosmetics, food, chemistry, pesticide, etc. Combined with piston-measuring Pump to fill liquid, this machine can produce all kinds of different materials and ...