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    1. Puffed Food Production Line
      The puffed food production line is a kind of foodstuff equipment used to manufacturing leisure food such as inflating foodstuffs, rice bread, rolling snacks, gruels, nutrient flour and so on...
    1. Pet Food Production Line
      1.Protein food production line
      With many years experience, soybean protein food production line is developed by our ...
    1. Automatic Biscuit Processing Line
      This automatic biscuit processing lines can be combined at will in accordance with the needs of the biscuit for different clients. SS type of automatically multi-functional production...
    1. Potato Chips Production Line
      This kind of potato chips production line is used to processing potatoes. It is a kind of leisure food fried potato chips equipment with the feature of friability, delicious and rich is nutrition...
    1. Instant Noodle Production Line
      Our instant noodle production line is widely used to produce fried instant noodle. According to the desired production capacity, our SS fried instant noodle production line can...
    1. Candy Production Line
      This GD150/300/450/600 hard candy production line, is an ideal equipment to produce all kinds of products, saving both manpower and space. It can produce various kinds of hard ...
    1. Ice Cream Machine
      This SDYⅡ-520 and 900 ice cream machine is a line incluse main engine, an internal and abroad type, adopts diversity pattern. A complete set of equipment is composed of main ...
    1. Fruit Juice Machine
      This machine 3-IN-1 carbonated juice machine RXGF is combined with the three machines of bottle-washing filling and capping equipment, 3-IN-1 carbonated juice machine (RXGF) ...
    1. Pillow Type Packaging Machine
      This B.ZB packaging machine is a pillow type high speed packing machine, with a packaging high speed up to 40-230 bag/min. It is suitable for packing regular objects such as ...
    1. Automatic Weighing Machine
      This automatic weighing machine is a kind of vertical packing machine with 10 head weight or 14 head weight.. This is suitable for automatic packaging particle like peanuts, grain, ...
    1. Four-Sided Seal Sachet Machines
      The four-sided seal sachet machines B•SF is a kind of a multi-lane seal pouching and sachet machinery with full automatically ability. It is with a packing speed as high as ...
    1. Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine
      The automatic horizontal packing machine B•SP is applicable for such sectors as foodstuff, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals etc. The machine can choose from different ...
    1. Automatic Bag Filling Sealing Machine
      This B•GD bag filling and sealing machine is full automatic packaging machine that is used for the 4 side sealing flat bag, and the machine can fill and seal different granule, powder and...