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    1. Automatic Vertical Packing Machine
      This B.LB automatic vertical packing machine is suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials ,such as candy, popped food, biscuit, ...
    1. Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
      The automatic powder packaging machine BMF-40II/150II is designed and manufactured for packing of powdery and super fine powdery products. It is driven by servomotor, and the ...
    1. Automatic Sauce Packaging Machine
      It is suitable for automatically packaging of viscous products with free-flowing such as tomato sauce lotion noodle jam, edible oil ,meat jam and broth The processes of bag making ...
    1. Automatic Granular Packaging Machine
      The automatic granular packaging machine is suitable for packing non sticky, bulk or granular material, such as medical pills, food Stuffs, plant seeds, washing powder, coffee...
    1. Thermal Shrink Packing Machine
      1.Compact construction, high efficiency.
      2.The use of intra-red quaztz heater tube results in lower the power consumption....
    1. Vertical Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
      This vertical self-adherence labeling machine used as sticker. It is suitable for the automatic labeling of column, square or taper package containers for medicine, daily chemical ...
    1. Wet Glue Labeling Machine
      Wet glue labeling machine is automatically machine drive which consists of sealing oiling boxes. The big advantage of machine is that when it works, it has few troubles to ensure the ...
    1. Double Face Labeling Machine
      The double face labeling machine B•TB-S apply to label the shape of the round, square and flat objects which are in those industries, such as: medicine, daily life, food...
    1. Trapping Label Machine
      1.Our company initiates Japan-made motor to control the cutter system which lengthens the life of cutter. This trapping label machine has high precision labeling....
    1. Semi-automatic Strapping Machine
      This B·KZ-Ⅰsemi-automatic strapping machine uses the strap of pp machine as fasten strap. It is widely used in the package of carton, woolen case, and wicker case launched by ...
    1. Automatic Strapping Machine
      1. Speed: 2.0 sec/cycle, 30 cycle/min.
      2. Easy maintenance and simple operation: mechanism is stable and durable, and the oil...
    1. Box Sealing Machine
      This kind of B•FX series box sealing machine is an ideal machine for the packaging cartons products. It is widely used in the packing works such as electricity, spin, food, goods...
    1. Vacuum Packing Machine
      This series of vacuum packaging machine is kind of packaging machinery that is automatic processed during the whole procedure of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling. Those ...
    1. Film Sealing Machine
      This B·FK series film sealer is a kind of sealing machine with multi-functional as well as with solid inker printer. It can print the desired date simultaneously with sealing. With characters...